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Thursdays, 4-5:30pm
Throughout the academic year

Orillia Youth Centre


Learn how to make:


Memes are huge. We see them everyday. Let’s make some!

Digital Collages

I'll show you how to use photographs, magazines, text, drawings, etc. to build your own digital “mash up” collages. You can even incorporate your own personal material so that your collage becomes an amazing work of art that represents who you are.

Digital Stickers

I love getting texts with funny digital stickers, how about you? I’d like to show you how to make your own.


Digital Portraits

What does your self portrait look like in a digital world? Let’s find out! We’ll have fun creating abstract, realistic, silly, and serious portraits. We could also try to make one for a pet, a friend, and maybe even someone we look up to.


Water Monument 2_edited.jpg

Sean Rees

Hi! My name is Sean Rees. I'm an artist, digital designer, and educator. I'm excited to introduce you to the Creative Youth Lab #1! Together we will learn to express ourselves and create digital art and designs. Using a provided iPad with the programs Figma and Procreate, we will draw digital portraits, create memes, build digital stickers, and learn about artificial intelligence. Exciting!

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