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Creative Youth Lab

November 2023 - Ongoing | Orillia Youth Centre

Participants experiment with digital art and design – meme creation, animation, digital portraits, digital collage, and more with Sean Rees every Thursday at Orillia Youth Centre. This project is ongoing in 2024.

Julie et l'univers

March 2024 | Orillia Opera House

Inspired by a painting by Jean-Paul Lemieux, and set in a wintry landscape reminiscent of Lemieux’ childhood in Quebec City, the work explores the interior lives of three young women on the cusp of adulthood, alternating between the utter wonderment and discovery of youth and the uncertainty and loneliness of adolescence.

Water Monument 2024

March 2024 | Local Schools

Water Monument is a workshop series that teaches students about water care, ecology, recycling, and gave them a chance to shoot their own photographs and build sculptures collaboratively.

Global Steps 2024

February 2024 | Local Schools

Global Steps is a workshop series that teaches students about history and culture through dance. In February we were delighted to host company members from Artists in Motion who taught students about the 5 pillars of hip-hop culture and gave hip hop dance instruction.